Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things I won't forget about you...

I mentioned before that I will probably forget that you exist the minute after I exit the door but you have made an impression that is not easy to forget. And so even though, I might forget your name, you will always be the 1st flatmare I ever had... (not that I want a 2nd nor a 3rd, but you know what I mean). So here are the things I won't forget about you...

* For having the ability to break or ruin things without even touching it... (you said you didn't but...whatever!)

*How you chew your food louder than how our dogs chew theirs.

* Your loud burp from the kitchen which I can clearly hear from my room even if the door is closed.

* What the food inside the refrigerator becomes after you leave it open the whole day

* Whenever you wash your face and brush your teeth at the kitchen sink and leave your toothpaste lying there without the lid.

* Your toothbrush and retainer which you leave on top of the refrigerator without any cover or protection and how you just rinse them and put them in your mouth...

* When you call me at night and asks me to open the door for you becoz you lost your keys for the 16th time.

* How you keep referring to yourself as obsessive-compulsive when you can't even locate your keys.

And of course how you have transformed the room you have taken over with your gift of interior design skills...

You are truly one of a kind... and I hope you really are just one... good luck to your new flatmates... I won't miss you! :)

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